TCC and the Chinese Ministry of Transport Discuss Further Mutual Support for China and Hong Kong

February 28, 2012

Beijing – On February 28 2012, Vice Minister of China Ministry of Transport (MOT), Mr. Xu Zu Yuan met with visiting Chairman and Chief Executive of TCC Group Mr. Kenneth Koo and his delegation to discuss the desire to further strengthen communication and cooperation between China and Hong Kong’s shipping industry. Mr. Xu and Mr. Koo also exchanged views on the necessity to cooperate as the shipping industry faces an unfavorable market.

 Mr. Xu said, in recent years, the domestic and international shipping industry has changed dramatically. The Chinese shipping industry is facing a very difficult period, and it will be important for the Hong Kong shipping industry to communicate avidly with the Mainland, and work together to tide over their difficulties and jointly improve the overall competitiveness of China's shipping industry in the international market. Mr. Xu praised the TCC Group’s contributions to the Chinese shipping industry and regional economic development. The Vice Minister of the Ministry of Transport also wished the TCC Group further success and prosperous New Year.

Mr. Koo thanked the Central Government for its strong support of the Hong Kong shipping industry, and echoed the Vice Minister of Ministry of Transport’s hopes to further strengthen communication between the Mainland and Hong Kong shipping industries, and together, weather the currently depressed shipping market as well as changes in the development of the world’s economy. The Chairman of TCC Group also expressed his wish to work together with the Central Government to continue to enhance the international status of China's shipping industry. Mr. Koo also asked Mr. Xu to convey his appreciation and gratitude to the officers and crew of the Chinese naval escort fleet.