Inseparable commitment to the safety of life, environment and property

CSK Shelton

TCC Group aims to preserve its century old heritage in ship-owning and in-house ship-management as its core business serving international seaborne trade.

And to continue to excel in the second century of its history providing safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally responsible carriage of bulk cargoes around the world and related logistics services.

Our vision and strategic positioning is to be Top-Of-Mind amongst our stakeholders. With our chosen customers, we focus on long term win-win relationships built on the foundation of TCC's core values of Accountability, Credibility, Reliability, and Trust.

  • Strong TCC Values, Vision and Mission. 
  • Good corporate governance. 
  • Professional management and people development. 
  • Operational excellence. 
  • World class asset quality, and 
  • Industry-best financial strength. 

Our ship management culture that drives operational excellence and asset quality is rooted in:

  • Strong commitment to ship owning and in-house ship management. 
  • People-first (not profit-first) business and management philosophy. 
  • Principle-based (not person-based) management standards. 
  • Transparency on the foundation of safety of life, environment, ship and cargo. 
  • Best achievable operational standards 
  • Enterprise risk management, and 
  • Zero tolerance for occupational and environmental safety breaches