Pursuit of environmental excellence

CSK Fortune

In order to fully meet its social responsibility, TCC Group has in place, on board and on shore, a conscious process that integrates social, environmental, professional, ethical and human dignity concerns into its operations in close collaboration with the stakeholders.

Maritime Sustainability - Shared Responsibility
Comply with international codes, conventions and treaties which govern the regional and global impact of maritime operations on the environment.

Code of Conduct Care and Concern for Community at Large
Corporate ethics, employee ethics, and business ethics

Human Relations: Peer Trust and Welfare OBoard and OShore
Race, faith, gender, and color neutral

Social Rights and Obligations of Crew
Promote, protect, respect and correct

Occupational Health, Safety and Risk Management
Protocol to guide the development of shared responsibility by self regulation & management oversight

Transparency in Dissemination of Social and Environmental Information
Coexist in harmony with other forms of life in the same eco system  

Emission Control
Game changing research in collaboration with the University of Southern California to improve slow speed marine diesel engine efficiency and abate emission

Education, Training, Performance Evaluation and Continuous Improvement
Mandatory and voluntary courses, career progression, appraisal, meritorious performance reward and recognition