Grooming and nurturing a competent and loyal workforce


The TCC Group strives to set highest achievable standards and considers training of its staffs on board and on shore an inseparable obligation in the grooming and nurturing of quality and competent personnel. Training is offered to the incumbents to maintain high achievable level of competency and for career progression to plan succession.

The management is cognizant of the rapid changes and evolution of technology and endeavors to keep abreast of new and efficient means and measures in fleet operations, safety of life, property & environment. Training services provided by the Group for development and knowledge enhancement, include:

  • Mandatory, voluntary and high intensity customized courses are offered on board and on shore with  reputable Nautical  Training Schools in Manila (Philippines), Qingdao (PRC) and Mumbai (India).
  • Safety seminars are conducted in house to discuss achievements and setbacks to evaluate adequacy of policies and effectiveness of procedures and competence.
  • Guest speakers are invited to enhance skills and narrative industry experiences in various faculties.
  • The management subscribes to over 123 carefully selected modules for Computer Based Training (CBT) on board to maintain skills and knowledge current.
  • Managers and support staff on shore attend training courses to develop management skills, accident investigation, safety and security practices, and information technology.
  • Shore staff and senior officers are “media trained” in crisis management in the world of live newscast and the Internet.
  • [CBT+IDESS+ NTC+ Simulators+ Machinist+ Welding+ BRM+ MARPOL+ BASSNET (PMS) at Singapore, Manila & PRC]

 Training Training