Commitment to continuous improvement

TCC Crew

The Group’s quest to achieve technical excellence is guided by its success with a proactive culture of “preventive maintenance,” instead of a reactive “damage repair” mindset.  

Implementation is ensured by the following governing principles, guiding policies and binding procedures:

  • Governing Principles: Early detection, diagnosis, evaluation, and prevention (Performance Evaluation)
  • Technical Passage Plan (TPP) from berth to berth: Risk profile of critical machinery
  • Preventative Planned Maintenance System (PPMS): Incident investigation and corrective action
  • Condition Based Overhaul: Ship specific and machinery specific
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for continuous improvement and performance evaluation
  • Quality Assurance: Service contracts, supply contracts and vendor audits
  • Dry Docking Policy, Specifications and Life Cycle Analysis 
  • Cutting-edge technology to prevent malfunction and enhance performance