Propagating a culture of safety, security and quality

Marine Advisor Malacca Straits

The TCC Group believes that the character of its operations is demonstrated by its safety culture. TCC’s onboard and shore-side operations ashore are developed and performed on the strong foundation of a transparent and seamless safety culture across the fleet.

Objectives and highest achievable goals are carefully set and the progress is continually monitored with the help of the following management tools:

  • Global network of in-house inspections and audits
  • Regulatory inspections, non-conformities, corrective action and closure
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) analyzed to evaluate continuous progress
  • Operational excellence as defined by the governing documents, guiding policies and binding procedures
  • Zero Tolerance to incidents of environmental violation
  • Shore management interface with the vessel prior, during and after critical operations
  • Inculcating safety culture: Safety meetings, newsletters, safety notices, safety seminar (case study and workshops), enforced use of personal protective equipment
  • Service Contracts (e.g. Gyro, GMDSS, Auto Pilot, Life Boat Release, and FFA)
  • Supply Contracts (e.g. Nautical publications, Digitrace, ECDIS, weather news, Internet/email)
  • Environmental regulatory compliance
  • Anti-piracy protection, support and guidance in High Risk Areas

Life boat

TCC believes that every enterprise is associated with risk and strives to mitigate risks by the following measures:

  • Strong reporting culture: Incident, accident, near miss, and hazard analysis
  • SAFIR (Safe Reporting System): Trends and cause analysis, corrective action, and lessons learnt
  • KPIs as a measure of effectiveness of risk management policies and procedures
  • Orientation: Briefings and debriefings of ship personnel
  • Crisis management: 24/7 emergency response and guidance; media, communication and field plan