TCC – The Caring Company

TCC Christmas Party

The Group’s commitment to safety and the pursuit of excellence is made possible by a strong, loyal, competent and willing workforce both on board and on shore. TCC is fondly named as “The Caring Company” by its employees and boasts a high retention.

The management employs comprehensive guidelines in the careful nurturing and grooming of personnel within the “Governing Documents: SMS+ Manning & Training System Handbook.” The manning selection and deployment policies are based on competence, compatibility and attitude, and are neutral to the individual’s faith, gender, color or origin. 

  • Manning Agreements define the rights and obligations; annual audits; controls-policies and procedures
  • Management is cognizant of its obligations under MLC 2006 and far exceeds the mandate
  • Management strives to foster quality, loyalty and sense of belonging to the (multinational) seafarers through a number of measures, including but not limited to the following:
    • Careful screening process which may include interview, assessment and an introduction period
    • Pre-employment evaluation of medical and mental fitness
    • Performance evaluation which covers attitude and aptitude for ranks and ratings, and used in career progression discussions
    • Pre-departure seminar
    • Incentives and rewards
    • Comprehensive welfare coverage
    •  Leisure on board
    • Collective bargaining
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    •  Drug and alcohol policy which requires testing at the time of employment and frequently thereafter
  • The Group offers family medical insurance to the dependent spouse and children of seafarers under a defined plan, as well as to the shore staff. The defined benefit plan includes compensation for disability and loss of life.